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Flexible & Mobile


Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor 1


Carter Flex™ is mounted on casters and built to flex and bend around a crowded warehouse floor.

Quickly adjust the conveyor shape as floorspace availability changes — the perfect solution for loading and unloading areas, distribution centers, and portable assembly lines.




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Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor 2


CarterFlex™ can expand from 23’ with 1.5” roller center to 64’ at 5” roller center, accommodating most conventional package sizes.

Carter Flex™ is designed for multiple units to easily interconnect. Power and controls can be bussed from one main control panel and 120VAC power supply to up to three other units. At maximum extension (5" roller center) this is over 180 feet of conveyance. 


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Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor - Accumulation Mode


CarterFlex™ has two possible conveyance modes: Accumulating and Continuous. Standard units operate in continuous mode where the conveyor will simply continue running until turned off by the operator. Accumulating mode is an optional feature that allows the product to accumulate along the entire carrying surface without contact.



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Manufactured by Carter Intralogistics

We pride ourselves in manufacturing our own conveyor. This helps us ensure competitive pricing and quick turn around times while guaranteeing top-notch equipment and quality support over the lifetime of the system.